How to Order

We’ve simplified selecting your murphy bed into 5 steps. See what it takes to  make a  Murphy Bed part of your home.

Getting Started

Determine the location of your murphy bed and where it will mount. Then, select a bed style to match your space.

What are you looking for?

It all begins with imagining the design of your room ans the placement of your murphy bed. Are you looking to set up a cozy home office, more space for friends and family or are you hoping to make space for play during the day? Either way, you can create a generous multifunctional space with a one-of-a-kind murphy bed

How will I pick my style?

Once you have a picture in your mind of your space with a murphy bed, look at the beds in our gallery or in our collections to find the right bed. And even if you havent found the right bed in our gallery, we'll work together to build our desired murphy bed.


Check the measurements of your wall and room - in particular the height and width of the mounting wall and the floor space in front of it. All our beds specify the height and width of the bed as well as the area needed for assembly on the floor.

Get The Right Fit

This step is important; take extra care when measuring.  We recommend you always double-check your measurements before completing your order. Check your measurements against the measurements on our product pages. Ensure you have an extra inch of ceiling height over the bed height to allow for pivotting the assembled bed up onto the wall.

Placing an Order

With your measurements made and your bed style selected, complete your order online by selecting a few final customization options. 

Wood Finishes

Kootenay Murphy Beds are made from hand-selected pine boards with occasionally some fir boards mixed in with all the knots and flaws of natural wood. We use semi-transparent stain(s) that emphasize the rustic beauty of natural wood. 

The easiest is to select one of our existing bed colour schemes but you can always seek out custom stain colours, to match the existing style of your space. We use these semi-transparent Beauti-tone stains from Home Hardware - and can use their solid stains also although these tend to cover the beauty of natural wood.

If you do select custom colours we will re-confirm with you before we begin staining. If you want to see the actual colours that will be achieved we recommend that you paint some small pine boards with the samples from Home Hardware to see the final colour after staining. 

All our beds are sealed and protected against scratches and wear, after staining, or without stain if you prefer the natural pine look, with furniture grade satin Varathane Diamond Coat.

Decorative Boards or Features

Finally, select the bed model with decorative boards or features you would like (if any), such as "Peace Sign", "T", "Mountains", etc  - or send us your custom request and we can let you know the possibilities.

Other Options

There are 2 standard choices for the legs - one is a "leg bar" connecting both legs allow both legs to be lifted together, the other is with "lifters" on each leg to raise and lower them independently, and keeping the face of the bed "open". If your selected bed has one or the other shown and you want to change it just put it in the order Note and we will change it over.

Receiving Your Order

After your order is placed, we’ll send updates as your bed moves through production. You’ll be the first to know when it’s headed to your home so you can sign on delivery. Be sure to check for damage on arrival, and have a second set of hands nearby as each bed comes in a minimum of 3 crates that weigh up to 160lbs each.

Processing  & Manufacture

You can expect your bed to arrive 8 to 10 weeks after you place your order. We ship each order through Ace Courier and will send you a waybill number as soon as it ships so you can plan for delivery.

Delivery Location

Your bed will be dropped off in crates outside your home. Ace Courier is not responsible for carrying your  Kootenay Murphy Bed into your home. Make sure you have another person to help you move the crates into your home. If the mounting location is difficult to get to, you may want to remove the crating and pallet wrap and carry individual pieces into the assembly location.

Accepting Delivery

Your signature is required at the time of delivery. As soon as the bed arrives, inspect the crates for damage. If damage has occurred in transit, don’t accept the package; we will have it shipped back to us and will repair or send you a replacement.

What To Expect On Delivery

Your bed is not installed at delivery. For what to do after your bed arrives, see Step 5 below.


Because your Murphy Door arrives dis-assembled, assembly and mounting instructions are included and we are happy to provide telephone advice and support however you decide to proceed:

Do It Yourself

We’ve created step-by-step instructions so any Murphy Door can be installed by yourself. We recommend this approach for the fairly experienced DIY-er.

Hire A Contractor

We know that DIY installation isn’t for everyone. Whether you want the convenience of outsourcing installation or you don’t trust your power tool skills, third-party installation is a popular choice for many of our homeowners.

Contractor Resources

If you’d rather have your trusted local contractor or carpenter handle installation, we are happy to advise and support them also.

Questions and Troubleshooting

If questions or issues pop up at any point, call us at 250 800 8022 or check out our FAQ page. We update it regularly with our most common questions so you can find what you need quickly.

If you can’t find your answer there, try our chat feature. It connects you directly with a member of our team who can dig a little deeper to find the right solution. We try to answer all questions within 12 hours on business days.

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