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The Art of Handcrafting Murphy Beds at Kootenay Beds

The Art of Handcrafting Murphy Beds at Kootenay Beds - Kootenay Murphy Beds

In the heart of the West Kootenays, where pristine forests and proud mountains meet, there exists a haven for craftsmanship like no other. The team at Kootenay Beds takes pride in handcrafting Murphy beds that combine the rustic beauty of solid wood with the elegance of artisanal workmanship. From the very first step to the last, our artisans put their heart and soul into each piece they craft. Let’s take you on a journey through the meticulous steps that turn raw wood into a piece of functional art, proudly handmade in Canada.

Locally & Sustainable Sourced Wood  

The heart of any great piece of furniture is the core material it's made from. At Kootenay Beds, we take pride in sourcing our solid wood from the Kootenay area we live in. Each solid pine board selected for our Murphy beds is handpicked by ourselves. We believe in giving back to our community, which is why we obtain our wood from local, ethical, reliable sources. We also maintain our commitment to environmental sustainability by planting a tree for every bed we create, ensuring that the beauty of the Kootenays thrives for generations to come.

The Craftsmanship Process

Once the pine boards have been hand-selected, they make their way into our workshop, where the magic truly begins. Our skilled woodworking team cut, plane, and sand each piece, ensuring that the wood is in the best possible condition before moving on to the next step. 

Routering and Prepping

The wood is meticulously routered to ensure precise edges and a flawless finish. Any imperfections are carefully attended to, as we prepare for the next stage of our process.

In-House Metalwork

At Kootenay Beds, we pride ourselves on our ability to control every aspect of the creation process. In keeping with our commitment to quality, we craft all the necessary metal parts for our Murphy beds in-house. This includes the intricate hardware that allows our beds to fold seamlessly. Crafting these metal components ensures that they perfectly complement the wooden elements and enhances the overall durability of the bed.

Glueing, Screwing, and Part Assembly

The handcrafted wood and metal components come together in a perfect union. Our artisans meticulously glue and screw each part to ensure sturdiness and longevity. The meticulous assembly ensures that your Murphy bed is built to last.

The Art of Finishing

With the structural integrity in place, the Murphy bed moves on to the finishing stage, where it is transformed into a work of art. 


Our painters apply a stain of your choice to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. From rich, warm tones to light, airy shades, you can choose the color that suits your space.

LOW VOC Varathane 

To protect your furniture from scratching and harmful off-gassing of chemicals, we apply not one but two coats of LOW VOC Varathane. This high-quality finish enhances the wood's beauty while preserving its integrity.

 Assembling Your Murphy Bed

Once the staining and Varathane process is complete, your Murphy bed moves to the assembly and test department. This is where the intricate pieces are expertly pieced together to create the final product.

Puzzling Together 

Our artisans carefully assemble each part, ensuring that every component fits perfectly. The craftsmanship shines through as your Murphy bed takes shape.

Final Touch Ups 

Before your Murphy bed leaves our workshop, we perform final touch-ups, ensuring that every detail is immaculate. The love and pride we take into handcrafting our wall beds is evident in every piece we produce.

Preparing for Its Journey

With the final touch-ups complete, your handcrafted Murphy bed is ready for its journey to your home. 

Disassembling & Crating

In the final stage of the process, we prepare your Murphy bed for its journey to your home. The bed is carefully disassembled to fit into three crates, each crafted from scratch in our workshop. These custom crates are designed to protect your investment during shipping, ensuring that it arrives at your doorstep in great condition. 


Your Murphy bed will be shipped to you in three carefully constructed crates, ensuring that it arrives safely and securely, ready to grace your home.

At Kootenay Beds, we don't just craft furniture; we create functional works of art that are a testament to the beauty of solid wood and the skill of our artisans. Our commitment to the local economy, ethical sourcing, and environmental responsibility sets us apart. 

Each Murphy bed we create is a story of craftsmanship, precision, and dedication. From hand-selecting the pine boards to planting trees, from in-house metalwork to applying the perfect finish, our artisans pour their hearts into every step. When you choose a Kootenay bed, you're choosing the embodiment of artistry, sustainability, and Canadian pride.

As you welcome a Kootenay bed into your home, you're inviting the spirit of the Kootenays into your living space, a place where rustic beauty and artisanal charm  coexist in perfect harmony. Our handcrafted Murphy beds are not just pieces of furniture; they're a reflection of our deep-rooted commitment to quality, sustainability, and the enduring beauty of wood.

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